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Game vs. Pochi BW - 09.02.2019 - at Vipiteno

In the penultimate day of the pick-round finally comes a beautiful and convincing victory against a team that in recent years has always put us in serious trouble. A round 5-0 that perhaps does not fully reflect the true value of adversaries who are certainly able to play at other levels. Remembering above all the 4 goals scored on the first day, we play this game with a lot of respect, but also with the desire to redeem ourselves and with the determination of a team that, finally, wants to show that it is able to play broomball.
Coach Mitterhoffer deploys two lines of defense and three lines of attack giving everyone the same time on ice and then subjecting each player to a sort of test of maturity in view of the upcoming playoffs. The team's response has been great, especially from those who have played less so far. In defense we have conceded very little (Tonno engaged seriously only on one 'occasion), while the attack showed signs of excellent broomball. If the first line (Bacher-Zande-Alfred) made up of players with great class can afford to play without much following the coach's instructions and still make the difference (double for Zande), the other two lines are the ones that have convinced the most. The second line of Rainer-Mitter-Piger finally puts into practice the insistent lessons of the coach by scoring two goals (Piger's double). The third line with Maxi center to grind kilometers is the one that gives the two most beautiful surprises of the evening, namely the two youngest players Holzer and Leoni who confirm to be a very important part of the team. Between the two, however, is Holzer Laurin to show all its value by following the coach's advice by the letter, fighting like a lion and even touching the goal.
Pramstraller Werner's goal, the real organizational engine of the Red Devils, is also to be reported with pleasure. This is a small reward for his consistency in training but also and especially for everything else he does at the society level.
So it was a victory that gave us confidence, which now we needed more than the points in the standings. Now we' re up against Egna for the last game of the pick-round and then finally the play-offs start.
Best Player SALCHER BAU of course Laurin Holzer!