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19.02.2019 08:40 Alter: 1 year

Game vs. Egna - 17.02.2019 - at Egna

We present ourselves in Egna for the last game of the selection round in reduced formation (without Zande, Marcel, Bugno, Saxl...), but this is no excuse for the bad game we played. Even if the bet was "only" the fourth place, we should have and could have played the Broomball our coach wanted, but back and front we are soft and deconcentrated and therefore we give a lot to our opponents.
We receive both goals in the first half, although it would make more sense to use the word "given" rather than receive. Egna takes the lead after using a ball lost by Alfred in front of the goal and doubles with a shot deflected by one of our attackers. In the front we produce very less, and the defeat is earned in the end.
From now on it gets serious in the playoffs and therefore such evenings are to be avoided absolutely.
Best player SALCHER BAU: Piger Matthias.